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Our Registered Massage Therapists

Laurie Shaw, RMT

Laurie Shaw, RMT, graduated in 1992 from Sutherland-Chan Massage School in Toronto and is a BC Registered Massage Therapist.

She has a clinical approach in treatment. 15 minutes of the appointment time may include questions regarding your present condition and assessment through movement testing. Her primary technique is Trigger Point Therapy with moderate pressure. Other techniques used are joint play (increase range of motion and/or decrease pain at a joint), PNF - proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation and stretching. She may offer home care, a treatment plan or referral to other health care practitioners.

At times you may feel immediate relief after therapy but chronic symptoms usually require participation in recovery. Specific strengthening, stretching, hydrotherapy or postural tips may be given. When appropriate Laurie will refer you to your Doctor for diagnosis or further testing. Physiotherapy, Kinesiology, Chiropractic or another RMT may be needed in conjunction to her treatment or indicated as your primary therapy.

On initial visit a treatment plan will guide you and may be adjusted depending on how your condition is presenting. The aim is to essentially graduate you from therapy. Duration between appointments is important for adequate healing time to repair tissue, prevent soreness and allow your body adjust. Too long between treatments may not help you get on top of the problem and prolong resolution. Repetitive ongoing treatment that is not improving or resolving the condition is not advised.

Laurie’s goal for you is to restore functional movement and live pain free.

Please note treatment does not include full body, relaxation or deep tissue massage.

Direct billing is available to Pacific Blue Cross members. All other extended medical benefits, ICBC or Worksafe claims require payment and a receipt will be given to submit. ICBC claims: If you have a claim open with ICBC Laurie can not direct bill through Blue Cross. Until the claim is closed, treatment with Laurie will be rehabilitation from the car accident injury.

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