Therapeutic Massage in a Serene Setting

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About Therapeutic Massage

Swedish massage is what many people think about when massage is mentioned. It uses long flowing strokes, deep kneading, surface friction, light tapping and joint movement.

Massage Therapists use Swedish massage, along with many other techniques such as Neuromuscular Facilitation (NMT), Trigger Point Therapy, Fascial release; in addition to therapeutic exercise, stretching and postural education in an average massage therapy visit.

What does Massage Therapy do?

Massage Therapy acts directly upon the muscular, nervous and circulatory systems to rehabilitatioe physical injuries and improve health. Research studies have found massage therapy to positively affect:

What conditions may benefit from Massage Therapy?

whiplash | headaches | back and neck pain | sprains/strains | muscle spasm | pregnancy | arthritis | tendonitis | carpal tunnel syndrome | postural problems | repetitive strain (overuse) injuries | sports injuries | fibromyalgia

What should I expect from my Massage Therapy Visit?

Your average appointment will begin with you filling out a medical case history to establish your current level of health and ensure there are no contraindications to massage therapy. Next comes an interview/assessment by your massage therapist so she can better understand your individual health needs. Following the assessment, the therapist will leave the room allowing you to disrobe and get into position on the massage table (covered by a sheet). The therapist will re-enter the room and do the hands-on part of the treatment. When she is finished, she will leave the room again allowing you privacy to dress. Once you are dressed the therapist will meet with you again to discuss the treatment and assign necessary homecare exercises such as stretches and strengthening.

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